Murderous Maids are coming

Home Vision Entertainment is getting to release the controversially violent French film Murderous Maids later this year as a very nice special edition.

Class struggle, incest, and murder are at the heart of France’s most horrific crime of the 20th century. In Murderous Maids, director Jean-Pierre Denis paints a provocative portrait of the notorious Papin sisters that is sympathetic yet unapologetic. The sisters, Christine and Lea, are forced into servitude by their self-absorbed mother and become increasingly outraged by the injustice of their position. The sisters find solace in each other, and their relationship becomes all-consuming. When their secret
Is threatened, they lash out.

The disc will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and will include interviews with actress Sylvie Testud and director Jean-Pierre Denis, French and American trailers, the 1993 Vanity Fair article concerning the actual events, newspaper photos and more.

Get ready for September 23rd, because the maids are coming with a SRP of $29.95.

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