Anchor Bay introduces Drive In Double Features

Scheduled for release on September 9, Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced a series of double feature discs in a new Drive In line of products. All titles are re-releases of films that were previously released as individual discs and will now become available combined at a lower price point.

The first batch of DVDs contains the following pairings. A Blade In The Dark/Macabre, Hell Of The Living Dead/Rats, Mountain Of The Cannibal God/Cannibal Man, Possesion/Shock and Society/Spontaneous Combustion, priced at $19.95.

Priced at a lower $14.95, Anchor Bay will release Circus Of Horrors/Theatre Of Death, Elvira/Transylvania 6-5000, Fade To Black/Hell Night, The Initiation/Mountaintop Motel Massacre and Return of the Killer Tomatoes/Return To Horror High.

All releases are without extras and it s certainly a riddle why Anchor Bay establishes this brand of releases at two separate price points.

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