Warner travels from Cradle 2 the Grave

The hip-hop action mix of Cradle 2 the Grave is about to make its way to DVD from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

Armed with a potent combination of charisma, street smarts and martial arts expertise, Tony Fait (DMX) dominates the streets with passionate precision, taking care of his fiercely loyal crew with a dedication surpassed only by his love for his young daughter. But when his daughter is kidnapped and held in exchange for a cache of priceless diamonds, Fait must forge an unlikely alliance with a Taiwanese intelligence officer (Jet Li) who has pursued the extraordinary stones halfway across the world. Adversaries by code but allied by circumstance, the master thief and the enigmatic agent join forces to wage war on their common enemy.

Separate fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen releases will both contain the “X Gon Give it to Ya” music video and the featurettes Ultimate Fighting Champions, The Descender Rig and Choreography of the Camera.

Priced at $27.95, both discs will show up on August 12th.

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