HVE presents Chris Smith’s Home Movie

The success of Chris Smith’s independent hit American Movie, prompted many to seek out his other film Home Movie with little success. Now Home Vision Entertainment is finally stepping up to release the documentary on DVD this August.

Home Movie is Chris Smith’s loving look at five extraordinary homes and the charming, bizarre people who inhabit them. Smith interweaves their stories in a way that makes the audience think about the meaning of home and the place of the individual in society. Smith delights in the eccentricities of these unique characters in much the same way that he did in American Movie, and connects their stories into a mosaic of American ingenuity and architectural possibility.

Instead of cheesy promotional work, the disc includes several extras drawn from the subjects of Smith’s films including Wild Bill’s gator commercial clip, the featurette History of Kansas Missile Bases, a cat photo gallery, Linda Beech publicity stills, liner notes written by American Movie’s Mark Borchardt and Homestore.com commercials.

With a suggested retail price of $29.95, the disc will arrive on August 19th.

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