Columbia TriStar offers some Anger Management

This fall the Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler comedy Anger Management will hit the digital platter as a fairly decent special edition thanks to the folks over at Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

After a misunderstanding aboard an airplane that escalates out of control, the mild-mannered Dave Buznik is remanded to attend anger management sessions run by Doctor Buddy Rydell, which are filled with highly eccentric and volatile patients. Buddy’s unorthodox approach to therapy is confrontational and abrasive, and Dave is bewildered by it. Then, after yet another mishap, the judge orders Dave to step up his therapy or wind up in jail. So, Buddy moves in with Dave to help him battle his inner demons and continues to acts out at every opportunity, including making lewd comments about Dave’s girlfriend Linda and goading Dave into confronting every slight, past or present, head-on.

The new DVD will be available in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 accompaniment. Also on the audio end of things is an audio commentary with Adam Sandler and director Peter Segal. Four deleted scenes, a blooper reel, the featurettes “My Buddy, Jack” and “Skull Session”, a set-top game and theatrical trailers round out the extras.

Arriving on September 16th, the suggested list price of $27.94 shouldn’t cause too much anger.

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