Tempe goes in a new direction

Tempe Video, formerly a division of Full Moon Entertainment has launched out on their own to produce new video content. Among the first titles coming from the newly organized distributor will be Bloodletting, the double feature of Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker & Filthy McNasty and the first title in the Splatter Rampage video line Quest for the Egg Salad.

In “Bloodletting”, Serena Stalin wanted to learn from the best. So she tracked down Butch Harlow, one of the world’s most notorious serial killers, and blackmailed him into teaching her the fine art of murder. Now, as the lessons begin, as the teacher and his bloodthirsty student leave a trail of horribly mutilated victims in their wake, they are about to uncover the horrible secrets that bind them together, the unspeakable passion that forces them to kill, over and over again…

The film is presented in its original fullscreen with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 as well as an audio commentary with creator Matthew Jason Walsh and stars Ariauna Albright and James L. Edwards. The disc will also contain the featurette “Building a Better Bloodletting”, deleted scenes the original short version of the film entitled “I’ve Killed Before” with optional commentary, a still gallery, a review gallery, trailers and DVD-ROM content.

The disc will arrive on August 19th and have a suggested retail price of $19.99.

“Mulva” follows the misadventures of a chocolate-addicted young girl celebrating Halloween with a bizarre assortment of characters including the aforementioned Bonejack — a cross between Bill Cosby and Don King who saves the day by helping kick some zombie backside!

“Filthy McNasty”is the outlandish tale of two nerdy chicks whose greatest wish comes true when a horny demon named Phil turns them into sexy sirens. But there’s a price to pay for granting their wish…a price that’s paid in blood (and other
unmentionable bodily fluids)!

Both films will be uncut, Mulva will feature an introduction and a commentary track with director Chris Seaver, star Debbie Rochon and others. Filthy will also feature an introduction and two separate commentary tracks.
The double feature arrives on August 12th with a suggested retail price of only $9.99.

Finally, Journey with us now to Central Earth and follow the misadventures of young Balfazar and friends in “Quest for the Egg Salad ” as they set out on a quest to retrieve the sacred “egg salad”! The great wizard Bonejack fears that the evil Goblin King plans to use the egg salad to cover all of Central Earth in darkness and chaos!

The disc will feature a featurette, a special LBP fan commentary track and trailers.

The disc will also be available on August 12th for $9.99. Good Luck to Tempe as they strike out on their own.

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