New info for Bowling for Columbine

The controversial and oft delayed Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine has been given a new release date and a new set of features from MGM Home Entertainment.

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore travels from Flint, Michigan to Littleton, Colorado in search of answers to why America has one of the bloddiest histories of gun violence in the world. Interviews with everyone from Columbine survivors to Charlton Heston present a fascinating, if slightly one sided view of the nation.

The Oscar winning documentary will come with a fair amount of special features including an introduction by Michael Moore, an audio commentary by the production office receptionist and the interns (perhaps recorded out of some sort of good old fashioned spite), the featurettes “Return to Denver/Littleton” and “Film Festival Scrapbook”, interviews with Moore, a music video, a still gallery, a theatrical trailer and DVD-ROM content. The film will be in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1.

While Moore is famous for speaking about a fictional world, the DVD release seems to be fact. Arriving on August August 19th, the disc will have a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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