Criterion visits the films of Ingmar Bergman

Causing ripples in the film community is eighty-four year old film mast Ingmar Bergman as he comes out of retirement once again to direct the upcoming film Saraband. To add to the hype is Criterion who will be releasing three of the director’s films in The Ingmar Bergman Trilogy.

1961’s Såsom i en spegel (Through the Glass Darkly) tells the tale of Karin who, recently released from a mental institution receives several disturbing hallucinations and believes she is a messenger from God.

Nattvardsgästerna (Winter Light) tells the story of a ill priest with a crisis of faith who must turn to his parishioners to guide him.

The 1963 film Tystnaden (Silence) explores the difference between two very different sisters; one promiscuous and the other withdrawn, but an encounter with a group of dwarves brings up some questions from their past.

Although not an official trilogy, the films work well together exploring the different themes of man’s relationship with God. Each will be presented in a newly restored print with improved subtitles. Extras include a video discussion on each film with Peter Cowie, galleries and original theatrical trailers.

With a suggested retail price of $79.95, the set will arrive on August 19th.

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