Controversy surrounds Mr. Bean

The recent release of the Mr. Bean DVD set Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean from A&E Home Entertainment has been surrounded in controversy. Like the recent Monty Python set from A&E several scenes from the series seemed to be missing. After a few weeks, A&E has finally responded with this statement.

Hello from A&E Television Networks and thank you for your message. We have received numerous emails from viewers like you who believe that our recent release of Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean is missing footage. We discussed these concerns with Rowan Atkinson’s team. According to the executive producer of the show, the masters that we received were the official complete versions approved by Rowan Atkinson. The “missing” scenes referred to by fans were extra footage shown on television outside of the United States. We have released this complete series as Rowan Atkinson himself intended it to be viewed.

It may not have been the answer U.S. consumers wanted to here, but it looks like the current sets are here to stay.

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