Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment announces next Superbit batch

One truly has to wonder who is making the selections of the Superbit line over at Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment as we see a good number of ridiculously bad movies becoming part of this supposedly prestigious line of releases.

The studio just announced four more titles to be released on August 5. The first one is the umpteenth version of Paul Verhoeven’s disastrous Starship Troopers and one can only fear how many more versions of this film the world has to bear with. Next up is John Carpenter’s Vampires a movie that also didn’t live up to the high expectations fans had put in it. These films are complemented by a Superbit version of the Jet Li actioner The One as well as the dark Western comedy The Quick And The Dead.

All releases will be presented in anamorphic widescreen transfers, of course, and feature audio tracks in 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS. No extras are included as with all other Superbit titles to make sure all the storage space on the disc is used by the feature presentation.

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