Rhino gets interactive with Scourge of Worlds

This summer, Rhino Home Entertainment and DKP Effects will present a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure with the release of the medieval fantasy interactive movie Scourge Of Worlds. The innovative movie combines more than 20 decision points, four different endings and more than 900 possible story combinations allowing viewers and fans of the original role-playing game to choose their own adventure.

Long ago, in a land ravaged by strife, an ancient race of images crafted the ultimate weapon to destroy their enemies and end all wars. They called it the Aryx Orthian, the Scourge Of the Worlds. Hidden safely for hundreds of years, the Scourge is now sought by a new swarm of darkness threatening to unleash its secrets. To save the world, three fearless heroes—Redgar the human warrior, Lidda the rogue halfling, and Mialee the elf wizard—must embark on a treacherous quest and choose between honor and evil, between life and death.

The disc comes out in May and a special Collectors Edition DVD will be available in the Fall of 2003. It will include two additional endings, 15 minutes of extra footage, a making of featurette and an exclusive collectible Dungeons & Dragons pre-painted plastic miniature of Mialee,, one of the iconic D&D characters to appear in the interactive movie.

The DVD will be available on June 10th with the special edition available later this fall. The regular edition will have a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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