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Two new films are on the way from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, the Hitchcockian Read My Lips and the Alan Arkin, Peter Falk comedy Big Trouble.

In “Read My Lips”, young secretary Carla is a long-time employee of a property development company. Loyal and hardworking, first to arrive and last to leave, Carla is beginning to chafe at the limitations of her career and is looking to move up. But as a 35-year-old woman with a hearing deficiency, she is not sure how to climb out of her humdrum life, though she is confident in her own abilities. Into her life comes Paul Angeli, a new trainee she decides to hire. Paul is 25 years old and completely unskilled, but Carla covers for him when the need arises because of his other qualities – he’s a thief, fresh out of jail and very good looking.

In “Big Trouble”, the trouble and laughs start when insurance man Leonard Hoffman decides to send his three sons to Yale. To raise cash, Leonard is drawn into a bizarre scheme by Steve Rickey and his screwball wife Blanche But their plot to collect an “accidental” death policy gets sidetracked by a series of hilariously unforeseen twists that let things get progressively stranger …. and funnier.

Although, neither disc will carry any extras, both DVDs will arrive on July 22nd.

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