It’s The Man Show

Eagle Rock Entertainment celebrates all things male with the first four episodes of The Man Show.
Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, The Man Show has created a phenomenon that delights men and disgusts women of all ages, becoming Comedy Central’s second highest rated show behind South Park. Special features on this first ever DVD of The Man Show include never before seen footage outtakes and even more outtakes of girls jumping on trampolines.

Episodes include:

“Oprahization”: Originally aired 06/19/99. Jimmy and Adam strike back against the Oprahization of America, special appearance by Cindy Crawford.

“They Don’t Want Sex As Much As We Do”: Originally aired 06/23/99. Household hints from adult film stars and movies men don’t want to see.

“Bad Old Day’s”: Originally aired 06/30/99. Jimmy introduces Baby Barry, a new arrival to the Kimmel clan. Adam tries luck with kids in “Kids Tell Jokes”.

“Appearances”: Originally aired 06/30/99. Jimmy and Adam present Mannovations: innovative ideas to make a man’s life better.

Priced at $19.95, the DVD will arrive on June 10th.

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