Columbia TriStar gets Caught and Implicated

Two new catalog titles are on the way from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, the noir drama Caught and the kidnapping thriller Implicated.

In Caught, a mysterious drifter lands in a Jersey City fish shop and changes its owners’ lives forever
in this steamy noir thriller. Grateful for a chance at life off the street, Nick eagerly helps Jose at the shop and Betty around the house. But emotional entanglements ensue when Nick’s role as Joe’s “newfound son” competes with his growing desire for Betty. Nick proceeds to awaken Joe’s hope to the future, as well as Betty’s sexual passions. When Joe and Betty’s son Danny moves back home and finds Nick installed in
his old bedroom, his jealousy and rage explode, exposing the undertow of lust that threatens to tear apart their family and their dreams.

Implicated begins when Ann’s new boyfriend Tom asks her to babysit his boss’s young daughter Katie, and she is happy to help out. She lost her own daughter in an auto accident and quickly establishes a bond with the little child. But Ann’s happiness is soon shattered and things take a sinister turn when she realizes she and Katie are only pawns in
Tom’s elaborate kidnapping plot. Soon Ann finds herself tangled in a web of blackmail and deceit and for the first time sees the dark side of Tom’s personality. Ann is forced to stick to her boyfriend’s carefully crafted plan to collect ransom from the girl’s rich mother or face certain death … But the plan eventually spirals dangerously out of control.

Both films will be presented in their original aspect ratios, but will contain no features whatsoever. Priced at $24.95 each, both discs will arrive on August 5th.

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