The Simpsons finally goes to Season Three

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has proven themselves by putting out The Simpsons as one of the best season box sets on the market, but at a frustratingly slow pace. Season three is finally on the market.

The 1991-1992 season of The Simpsons continued to dominate television with guest starring turns from the likes of Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Steve Allen and a good chunk of major league baseball players.

Each episode is presented in the original fullscreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. As always audio commentaries with various contributors is on each episode. Each of the four discs contains a pop-up. Also included are storyboards, conceptual sketches, a Simpsons character poster, an 11-song jukebox feature, audio outtakes, a table read for “Treehouse of Horror II” and a Baby Translator.

Coming on August 29th, the four disc set will retail for $49.95.

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