Punch-Drunk Love returns to the lineup

After a fairly successful theatrical run, the Paul Thomas Anderson film Punch-Drunk Love has been bounced all over the release schedule. The latest, and hopefully final news is that the DVD will make a nice entry this summer.

Barry Egan, the owner of a struggling vanity plungers company, falls in love with Lena Leonard, a woman his sister is trying to set him up with. On the run from a gang of thugs, Barry travels to Hawaii, using the frequent flier mile coupons clipped from several cartons of pudding cups, to meet up with this girl of his dreams.

The set will actually come as part of Columbia TriStar’s new batch of non-action oriented, intellectual films being released as a SuperBit title, in this case a SuperBit Deluxe title, meaning a second disc of features will be included. The first disc comes with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX and DTS 5.1. The second disc includes the making of featurette “Blossoms & Blood”, artwork from Jeremy Blake, the Jon Brion music video “Here We Go”, deleted scenes, the “Mattress Man” commercial, theatrical trailers, something called “Scopitones” and internet trailers.

Hopefully, the film will make this newest release date of June 24th, the two disc set will be priced at $28.95.

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