Pioneer releases new anime

Three new titles are coming from Pioneer Home Entertainment, four episodes of Chobits,
Volume 3 of Mahoromatic and three new unedited episodes of Sailor Moon.

In Chobits ­ The City of Silence, Volume Two, Hideki is busy studying for
cram school, but he has time to notice a few things about Chi. She seems to
be strangely affected by certain books and she requires frequent charging.
It turns out that keeping a chobit unit can be very expensive! Chi wants to
help with the bills by getting a job, but when her ³good job² turns out to
be in a peepshow, the shocking outcome will be more than anyone can handle!
Chi¹s dark side may have unimaginable effects on their future.

In Mahoromatic ­ A Warrior¹s Fate, Volume Three, Mahoro Ando is aware that
she has only one year to live. This knowledge has given her an opportunity
to truly live, and despite painful experiences, she cherishes every waking
moment. As Mahoro prepares for her final battle with Ryuga, one of Saint¹s
top agents, she reflects upon her life and braces herself for a battle that
may cut her remaining time even shorter. Under these circumstances, a year
can feel like a lifetime. The disc will also include video interviews,
promotional trailers and a full color art gallery.

In Sailor Moon, Pegasus sacrifices his freedom and the Golden Crystal to
save Mini-Moon¹s life, but just as everyone begins to fear that Queen
Nehelenia has won, the Queen is betrayed! Sailor Moon attempts to use the
power of the Golden Crystal, but that¹s not enough. Will Mini-Moon¹s idea
defeat Nehelenia, and even if it does, can Sailor Moon and Mini-Moon avoid
being trapped on the dark moon?

All of the episodes in each collection will bi available in English or Japanese with two sets of subtitles, one for speaking and one for written dialog.

Sailor Moon and Chobits will street on May 13th for $14.98 and $29.98 respectively. Mahoromatic will arrive two weeks later with a retail price of $29.98.

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