Pam Grier is Wilder

Pam Grier does what she does best in the new crime film Wilder. The DVD is coming from MTI Home Entertainment.

Della Wilder, a sexy, sharp-tongued maverick cop, considers it a job perk to torment all abusive men who have the misfortune of crossing her path. She and partner Harlan Lee are assigned a case that at first glance seems clear-cut: the murder of a woman who had destroyed the career of Sam Charney, her doctor and lover. But, as they delve deeper, they stumble upon a demonic conspiracy by the monolithic Bennett Pharmaceutical Company. In way over her head, and unable to convince the D.A. to pursue the case, Della turns to the charming Dr. Charney for assistance. But as they get closer to the truth, and each other, the focus changes from the company’s ruthless tactics to their very own survival.

No features come with the disc, but the film will be presented with English and Spanish subtitles.

The DVD will be available on May 13th. The suggested retail price is $24.95.

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