This May, Commandos Strike at Dawn

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is getting ready to release the black and white Lillian Gish classic Commandos Strike at Dawn on DVD this May.

Erik Toresen is a simple Norwegian fisherman who finds his quiet coastal village shattered by the Nazi invasion. Untrained in the ways of war, the villagers use only their cold, sullen hatred as defense. But when an elder member of the village community is maimed and tortured, Erik mobilizes the villagers and trains them as resistance fighters. While attempting to sabotage and demoralize the German troops, they are eventually discovered by the Germans, so Erik and four others escape to England to lead British troops with organized commando raids against his country’s oppressors, who intend to attack the Arctic supply lines.

Special features are sparse on the disc, but it will come with its original fullscreen transfer and English audio with subtitles in English, French and Japanese.

Coming on May 13th, Columbia TriStar has place a suggested retail price of $19.95 on the disc.

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