The Meat Puppets go digital

Music Video Distributors and Cornerstone RAS have announced the DVD release of Meat Puppets – Alive in the Nineties.

The Meat Puppets made a huge impact in the American underground during the mid-’80s and through the 90’s. Drawing from conventional hard rock as well as punk, they played hard, loud, and fast, but they also had elements of the blues, folk, and country, which separated them from the pack.

Tracks include Attacked By Monsters, Backwater, Never To Be Found, Coming Down, Violet Eyes (in-store), Wonderful Song (in-store), Plateau, Sam, Automatic Mojo, Lake Of Fire, Six Gallon Pie and Popskull.Extras include an exclusive Curt Kirkwood videowave interview, Derrick Bostrom’s anecdotes, The Big Bottom Summit with Mike Watt, Flea and Cris Kirkwood, testimonials fromWatt and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, a slideshow and the As Seen on TV music video.

Priced at $19.95, the disc is going to be available on April 22nd.

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