Columbia TriStar is Avenging Angelo

Sylvester Stallone and Anthony Quinn make an unlikely team in the dark comedy Avenging Angelo the film will hit DVD this summer thanks to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Frankie Delano is a tough-as-nails bodyguard to mafia kingpin Angelo Allighieri. Unable to save his boss from being gunned down in cold blood by an old foe, Frankie flees to the home of Angelo’s beautiful daughter Jennifer Barrett, whom he believes will be attacked next. Up to this point Jennifer had no idea that the late mobster was actually her father, having been given up for adoption at an early age. Jennifer reluctantly agrees to Frankie’s safeguard – but it isn’t until a foiled hit that she starts to take her newly discovered heritage seriously. Now, with nowhere to turn, they must run for their lives while being pursued by a murderous hit man determined to eliminate his target at all costs. But they soon determine that the only way they’ll stay alive is to play her enemies at their own game.

The film will be presented in both widescreen and fullscreen and will have more features than most Columbia TriStar catalog releases. An audio commentary, featurette and an interview with the author will be included.

Coming on May 20th, the disc will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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