Alias and Felicity

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is preparing more television releases in the coming months. Felicity: The Complete Second Season and Alias: The Complete First Season are both coming to DVD.

The second season of Felicity will contain all 23 episodes of the second season, plus audio commentary on selected episodes, cast auditions and the previously unseen unaired pilot.

The first season of Alias will house all 22 episodes of last year’s first season in fullscreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 along with audio commentaries on selected episodes, deleted scenes, a production diary on the pilot, the “A Mission Around The World” featurette, “Marshall Finkman’s Gadget Gallery”, audition footage, previews for seasons 2 and 3 (of which the latter hasn’t even aired on television yet).

Felicity will come on July 22nd and September 2nd at $59.95 and $69.95 respectively.

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