Run, Walk or Swim to Columbia TriStar’s new lineup

April will see the release of two new titles from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, the Cary Grant comedy Run, Don’t Walk and the darker comedy The Swimmer.

In Run, Don’t Walk, English industrialist Sir William Rutland arrives in Tokyo on business, the influx of tourists for the upcoming 1964 Olympic Games makes it impossible to find lodging. So Grant fast-talks his way into sharing an apartment with beautiful Christine Easton for a few days. To further confuse matters, Grant invites Steve Davis, a member of the U.S. Olympic team, to share his half of the apartment.

One summer in an affluent Connecticut suburb, troubled middle-aged advertising
man Ned Merrill must confront all of his dreams and deceptions as he decides to “swim” home via the pools of his wealthy friends. Along the way he encounters several women from his past: a tempestuous teenage girl, teetering at the edge of adolescence and womanhood; his embittered ex-mistress; and the sexy wife of an old friend. Ned’s revelatory journey is one of embarrassments, humiliation and steamy passion as he passes from one scenario to another, until he finally arrives home to an empty house … and to a startling self-revelation.

Both titles will be presented in anamorphic widescreen and Run, Don’t Walk will also contain an fullscreen option. Both will contain no extra features.

Both titles will arrive on April 29th.

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