New Anime titles from Pioneer

Anime titles for young and old come together from Pioneer Home Entertainment with the arrival of the mature Chobits: Persocom and the more kid-friendly and long-titled Pokemon: Road to the Johto League Champions Volume Two.

In Chobits, Hideki, a poor country student, is accepted to a university in Tokyo – however, he can’t afford the cool ‘living’ female-computers that all his classmates have. When he finds an unused one in the trash, he manages to activate it. Will she prove to be more trouble then she is worth, or is she the legendary Chobits, a computer that can really live?

Meanwhile, for Pokemon fans Our heroes continue their journey to the Johto League Championship! Ash and his beloved pokemons encounter tough and skillful opponents, as well as brand new Pokemons while they continue their travel to Ecruteak City.

Both titles will sadly be featureless, but will arrive on March 11th, Pokemon will be priced at $19.98 and Chobits will carry a $29.98 suggested retail price for the basic cover version and $34.98 for the Collector’s Case version.

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