DTS Radio is ready to go

While not directly DVD related, many DVD enthusiasts might be interested to hear that Sweden is about to launch the world’s first DTS radio channel.

Commencing on 7 February with a live broadcast covering the PopStad festival
in Vaxjo, the service will run until the end of April 2003. It will include
a wide variety of SR´s programming, including contemporary, classical and
jazz music, along with comedy and drama. It will also feature remixes in
multi-channel from the extensive tape and record archives of SR.
Commercially available titles will also be part of the transmissions.

Of course, there is a catch. In order to receive the multi-channel signal, listeners will require a
satellite dish able to receive the Sirius 2 transmission and a DTS-enabled
set top box decoder. The STB is connected via the digital output to an AV
receiver with DTS decoder, in the same manner as a DVD player.

While DTS radio isn’t likely to catch on stateside, it is certainly an interesting footnote in digital entertainment.

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