Columbia TtiStar set the Lockdown

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is getting ready for the prison drama Lockdown to make its debut later this spring.

Avery is a talented young swimmer with a bright future and hopes for collegiate glory. But a night out with his buddies Cashmere and Dre, turns into a shocking case of mistaken identity and the three friends are wrongly accused of murder. Now behind bars, Cashmere quickly falls under the wing of the prison’s chief goods smuggler. Avery does his best to stay out of trouble per the guidance of his older, wiser cellmate and Dre is confronted by both physical and psychological abuse. The three young men quickly learn that in prison there’s a whole new set of rules – it’s all about survival!

The DVD is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and anamorphic widescreen, but with no special features.

Coming to DVD on April 29th the disc will carry a suggested list price of $24.95.

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