Best Of Bowie

Best Of Bowie

Submitted by Robert Ferin

On EMI’s release of “Best of Bowie” there are a great many hidden features on the DVD set.

Insert the first disc of the box set and on the DVD’s Main Menu, select “Play All.” Take 2 of “Oh You Pretty Things” will start. Keep pressing the “Skip” button on your remote until you pass track #27. The next chapter will start take 1 of “Oh You Pretty Things.”

Now go back to the Main Menu and from there go to the “Track Listing.” There, highlight “Drive-In Saturday.” Press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight an underscore. Now press “Enter” to view a 2-minute interview from 1973 with David Bowie and Russell Harty.

Back on the track listing, highlight “Ziggy Stardust.” Press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the lightning bolt and then press “Enter” to see a single-page ad for the new Ziggy Stardust DVD release.

On the track listing, highlight “Blue Jean” followed by the “Right” arrow key. It will highlight a “)” and a picture will change to the right. Press “Right” again on your remote to highlight the picture. Next, press “Enter” to view “Jazzin’ For Blue Jean,” the complete 20 minute video.

While watching the “Jazzin’ For Blue Jean” video there is another hidden video. After “Blue Jean” is selected on the jukebox about 5 minutes into the film, a video will start playing in a TV over the jukebox. When you see David Bowie on the screen, press the “Enter” key on your remote control. Now you can see the alternate version of “Blue Jean” edited for MTV.

Now it’s time to insert the second disc of the set. From the Main Menu, select “Play All” and use the “Skip” key on your remote control to get to track #20 “Survive.” Play or scan through the entire video and then select “Play All” once again. Again, skip the chapters until you get to track #20. Instead of the expected music video, this time you will see a live performance of “Survive” instead.

Now select “Day In Day Out” from the track list. Scan through the entire video and when you get back to the track list select “Day In Day Out” once again. This time the “Extended Mix” will play.

Back on the track list select “Seven Years In Tibet.” When the video starts you will see a subtitle. Press the “Enter” key on your remote control and you will have the chance to view the Mandarin version of the video.

The final Easter Egg is on the Track List menu itself. Bring up the menu and simply wait for about 5 minutes and you will see the video “Miracle Goodnight (remix)” start playing automatically.

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