There’s Something Special about Mary

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment certainly put a lackluster effort into the original release of one of their most successful comedies in recent years, but they are finally putting out a proper special edition of the film that set a new gross-out paradigm, There’s Something About Mary.

Thirteen years after a humiliating high-school episode of prom datus interruptus, angst-driven Ted is still crazy in love with Mary. Hoping for a second chance at wooing the girl of his dreams, he hires sleazy private detective Pat Healy to track her down. However, after taking one look at Mary, Healy decides he wants her for himself. Before long, Mary’s suitors are engaged in a “hair-raising” battle for her affections, and soon, the fur really flies…right out the window!

The two disc set will, like many recent releases, be available in either anamorphic widescreen or fullscreen editions. Both will contain the same features including three audio commentaries. The first with writers Ed Decter and John J. Strauss and the second and third commentaries both featuring The Farrelly Brothers. Thirteen deleted or extended scenes with commentary will be available within the film via seamless branching, a far underused feature of DVD. Disc two contains a large series of documentaries and featurettes including “Getting Behind Mary”, AMC Backstory: There’s Something About Mary, Comedy Central’s Reel Comedy featurettes “Best Fight: Ben Stiller and Puffy the Dog”, “Up a tree with Jonathan Richmond”, “Franks & Beans: A Conversation with W. Earl Brown”, “Exposing Themselves: Ben Stiller Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Chris Elliot”, “Touchdown: A Conversation with Brett Favre”, “Interview Roulette with Harland Williams” and “Puffy, Boobs and Balls”. The “Mary Marketing” still gallery, foreign language clips, “Everyday Should Be A Holiday” music video, outtakes, a karaoke version of “Buttercup”, “Behind the Zipper”, theatrical trailers and 13 TV spots will all also be included.

Arriving to gross us out again on May 13th, the suggested retail price will be $26.95.

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