The X-Files enters the third act

The nine year story-arc of the long running Fox series The X-Files enters the last third of the series when the complete seventh season comes to DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The seventh season begins with Mulder mentally incapacitated and Scully desperately searching for clues to his recovery. After his recovery the series goes on to explore many bizarre cases including a resolution for the series’ sister series Millennium and an appearance for the agents on COPS. By the end of the season, Scully and Mulder find themselves back at the location of their first case together when Scully’s health takes a turn and Mulder goes missing.

Like the last few seasons, season seven will be shown in its original anamorphic widescreen ratio, with audio in Dolby Surround 2.0. Audio commentary will be present on the episodes “First Person Shooter”, “All Things”and “Je Souhaite”. Eleven deleted scenes, the documentary “The Truth About Season 7”, the featurette , special effects featurettes, TV promos, and another nonsensical DVD-ROM game will be included.

With a suggested retail price of $149.95, The X-Files Season Seven will arrive on May 13th.

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