The Back to the Future debacle turns abyssmal

As you all certainly know by now, Universal’s recent release of the Back to the Future Trilogy is defective and the studio is making only half-assed attempts to rectify the problem. Apart from the framing issues explained before, it also appears as if the French language track in the third part of the film is occasionally out of sync and that there is a subtitle occlusion problem on a number of players. And still, Universal feels no need to expedite things!

To top off this cake of incompetency, we hear from various ends that despite their proposed exchange offer, Universal still doesn’t seem to take this issue with the right amount of seriousness. Why you ask? Well, for starters, owners of the trilogy living overseas will not have a change to obtain a corrected version. According to our sources, Universal has no plans to correct the region 2 and region 4 releases of the trilogy despite the fact that they are equally misframed. And, if you’re living outside the US and bought a region 1 version of the trilogy, you’re out of luck as well, because Universal will only replace the discs for US residents…

I am not sure what I am more disappointed about, Universal’s lack of QA on this release, or their arrogance and incompetence at handling this issue. As always, our advice is to stay away from this – and potentially all – Universal releases for the time being. A studio that doesn’t respect its customers doesn’t deserve their money either.

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