More details on Treasure Planet

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has finalized the specs for the most recent outing of their animated films, the swashbuckling Treasure Planet set for a single-disc, but still feature packed DVD this Spring.

A secret map inspires a thrilling treasure hunt across the universe as young Jim Hawkins and a hilarious cosmic crew, headed by the daring Captain Amelia, set off in search of their destiny. Aboard a glittering solar galleon, Jim meets the ship’s cyborg cook, John Silver, who teaches him the value of friendship and the power of dreams. Jim soon teams up with his crazy new robot pal, B.E.N., and the shape shifting Morph to discover a treasure greater than he ever imagined.

A Dolby Digital EX soundtrack and anamorphic widescreen transfer will be onboard for the film as will an audio commentary with visual enhancement. Deleted scenes, an alternate ending, the featurettes “Disney’s Animated Magic” and “Dimensional Staging”, a virtual 3-D tour of the ship, a look at the music of Treasure Planet, animation tests, Disney Pedia: The Life of A Pirate Revealed production notes, a set top game, still galleries, a music video and trailers will all also be included.

With a suggested retail price of $29.95, the DVD will come into port on April 29th.

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