Columbia TriStar has Little Secrets

Can you keep a secret? Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is preparing a DVD release for the children friendly Little Secrets later this winter.

Emily Lindstrom, a gifted 14-year-old violinist, skips summer camp in order to prepare for an audition with the prestigious San Francisco Youth Orchestra. Emily has also set up a side business as a “secret keeper,” charging a 50 cent fee to share and keep the neighborhood children’s secrets. She soon discovers, however, that there is a price to keeping secrets that can’t be measured in coins.

“The Little Secrets” DVD includes an exclusive soundtrack on a separate CD. Additional features include digitally mastered widescreen and fullscreen presentations, a director and writer commentary, a “making of” featurette and theatrical trailers.

The DVD will be priced at $24.95 and will arrive on February 4th, but lets just keep that between you and me.

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