Buena Vista announces a year’s worth of DVD

Rather than keeping us in suspense, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced their DVD release schedule through the end of 2003. Many exciting titles are on the way.

February will bring Into the West, The Night and the Moment, Citizen Ruth, Jane Eyre and The Star Maker.

March will come with The Duke, Blank Check, First Kid, Heavyweights, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, Man of the House, Blue, White, Red, Stepfather 2, Blue in the Face, Smoke, A Low Down Dirty Shame, One Good Cop, Born Yesterday, The Ref, Basil, Boys, Green Card and Gone Fishin’.

April is filled with releases including Pastime, Zentropa, Four Days in September, Beyond Silence, Tom & Viv, Life with Mikey, New York Stories, Scenes from a Mall, Stella, Too Much, My Father the Hero, The Inkwell, An Innocent Man, Last Dance and The Marrying Man.

May holds Operation Dumbo Drop, That Darn Cat, Tom and Huck, Toothless, Summer of the Monkeys, Perfect Game, God Said Ha!, Hardward, Vibrations, Cosi, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, The Sixth Man, Oscar, Roommates, Straight Talk and A Simple Twist of Fate.

In June, Cry, The Beloved Country, The Horseman on the Roof, The Truce, A la Mode, Super Mario Brothers, 3 Ninjas, A Stranger Among Us, Unsung Heroes and Where the Heart is.

In July, A Month By the Lake, Lie Down with Dogs, My Left Foot, Queen Margot, The Advocate, Don’t Drink the Water, Guilty as Sin, Renaissance Man, The Minion and Tuesdays with Morrie.

August brings the previously Disneyland exclusive Tower of Terror as well as Dead Tired, French Twist, Rowing with the Wind, Royal Deceit, The Wedding Gift, An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn, Camp Nowhere, Crossing the Bridge, Slam Dunk Ernest and The Cemetery Man.

In September, Children of the Revolution, Rage in Harlem, Mouth to Mouth, Shades of Fear, The Big One, Fatherhood, Feast of July, Funny Bone, It’s Pat: The Movie and The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag.

In October, Bad Company (1995), Deceived, Jack, D.O.A., The Doctor, Consenting Adults, Fire Birds, Holy Matrimony and Angie.

In November comes The Air up There, Shoot to Kill, Money for Nothing, Shadow Conspiracy and Jefferson in Paris.

For those of you planning your Christmas shopping already, Country, Blame it on the Bellboy, Hello Again, In the Army Now.

Needless to say most of the information is highly subject to change and many non-catalog titles will likely pepper the year’s release schedule. In the mean time, start marking up your DVD purchasing calendars. (I know you have one).

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