As Friends Rust/Strike Anywhere comes home on DVD

Music Video Distributors and Punkervision have announced the home video release of As Friends Rust/Strike Anywhere – Live at Camden Underworld, London for US distribution on DVD.

The gig was recorded on November 16th, 2001 at the Camden Underworld in London, and features performances from both As Friends Rust and Strike Anywhere.

From the depths of Gainesville, FL, As Friends Rust have come to integrate their hybrid punk and emo influences to result in a styling of melodic hardcore. Their lyrical dealings of personal relationships and how people interact with each other makes As Friends Rust standout amongst their peers and a personal favorite of new school punkers everywhere. Tracks include Like Strings (Spell it with a K), Morningleaver, Half Friend Town, Perfect Stranglers, The First Song On The Tape You Make Her, 14 Or So, Ruffian, Laughing Out Loud, Encante, Coffee Black and Home Is Where The Heart Aches.

Along similar innovative lines, Strike Anywhere composes a unique breed of themes combining both raving energy and untainted melodies. Assembling forceful and exhilarating tunes, caught in-between punk rock revival inspirations and hardcore motifs, Strike Anywhere has made a niche for themselves in the annals of the American underground. Tracks are You’re Fired, Cassandratic Equation, Timebomb Generation, S.S.T., Earthbound, Riot of Words, Refusal, Chorus of One, Sunset on 32nd and My Design.

Available April 8th, the DVD will be priced at $19.95.

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