Army of Darkness gets another addition

It is conceivable that one could build a fairly impressive looking DVD library composed solely of the various releases of the cult classic Army of Darkness, but that didn’t stop Anchor Bay from putting out the new Boomstick Edition due in March.

The new two-disc version is pretty similar to past editions; the first disc featuring the movie in both anamorphic widescreen and full screen, the alternate ending (viewed separately from the film), the featurette “The Men Behind The Army” cast and crew filmographies and a theatrical trailer. The second disc features the extended cut of the film, an audio commentary by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and co-writer Ivan Raimi, and four deleted scenes.

The only difference between this release and Anchor Bay’s earlier Limited Edition 2-disc set is that this new “Broomstick Edition” will contain liner notes written by Bruce Campbell and a sweepstake in which you can win a dinner with Bruce Campbell.

Priced at $29.95, the set will join the army on March 4th.

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