A 2 disc DVD is released from The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter will fly again in the second installment of the hugely successful book-turned-movie franchise Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The new DVD will arrive in April from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

Cars fly, trees fight back and a mysterious elf comes to warn Harry Potter at the start of the second year of his amazing journey into the world of wizardry. This year at Hogwarts, spiders talk, letters scold and Harry’s own unsettling ability to speak to snakes turns his friends against him. From dueling clubs to rogue Bludgers, it’s a year of adventure and danger when bloody writing on a wall announces: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. To save Hogwarts will require all of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical abilities and courage in this spellbinding adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s second book. Get ready to be amused and petrified as Harry Potter shows he’s more than a wizard, he’s a hero!

Like the first film, the new DVD will be available in either fullscreen or anamorphic widescreen. Both versions will have audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and contain the same features including 19 additional/extended scenes, including more Dobby mischief, more flying car adventure, a frightening encounter with the Malfoys in Borgin and Burkes and mpre. Self-guided tours will for the first time include background characters, let viewers have an up-close experience, allowing them to linger on the details of the Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore’s office and Diagon Alley – including places never shown in the film such as more Diagon Alley shops, the sitting room in Dumbledore’s office and more. Interviews with stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert, Emma Watson and other cast members who talk about making the film, favorite scenes, what their friends think and more. An exclusive interview with author J.K. Rowling and screenwriter Steve Kloves about rendering the adventure to the screen. Fun-filled activities allow viewers to escape the Forbidden Forest, sneak into the Chamber and more. Visit Lockhart’s class, and get a closer look at his photos and memorabilia through the use of still galleries. An animated, interactive Hogwarts timeline provides important dates in Hogwarts history with mini pop-up videos from the Harry Potter films. A slider puzzle challenge featuring motion video. Printable magic trading cards to collect and share with friends. Jigsaw puzzles, matching challenges, downloadable screensavers and much more. Also included is the One VoiceDVD technology will allow users to navigate through the DVD-ROM features and access set top features using only their voices, giving kids the illusion of a magical experience interacting with the DVD.

In essence the disc will be a similar experience to the first time around, lots of games for the kids and a few tidbits interesting to adults. The two disc set will arrive on April 11th (a Friday release) and will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95.

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