Warner Brothers sets the Superheroes loose in April

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment is gearing up for the second wave of animated superhero DVDs. n addition to the previously
announced Superfriends: Challenge of the Superfriends, Warner will also release a second installment of their other superhero
series including Justice League: Justice on Trial, Batman: The Animated Series – Tales of the Dark Knight and X-Men Evolution.

Superfriends will contain the episodes “Wanted: The Superfriends,” “Invasion of the Fearians,” “The World’s Deadliest Game,” “The Time Trap” and “Trial of the Superfriends.”. Both the Justice League and Batman discs are likely
to continue the episodes chronologically from the last installments. It should be noted however that the Justice League DVDs will sadly contain only the fullscreen versions of the films and not the widescreen versions shown on the Cartoon Network.

No word yet on other animated superhero series that were rumored to be in this wave including Superman, Batman Beyond or Samurai Jack, but any new announcements will be posted here.

All of the discs will retail for $19.95 each and are expected on April 22nd.

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