Universal screws Back to the Future owners a bit more

As we had explained earlier, the recent release of the Back To The Future Trilogy by Universal Studios Home Entertainment has been incorrectly framed, leaving large parts of the image invisible in select scenes on the second and third part of the series. It is a result of Universal’s carelessness and lack of quality control and the studio has no excuse for shipping poorly framed versions of the films.

Now, in a move that may first appear like a reconciliation on the surface, the studio screws owners of the release bit more. They offer replacement of the defect discs in late February! How ridiculous is this? They happily take people’s money, selling them defective product and then they let them wait a full three months to replace it with corrected versions? Let’s be clear here that it does not take 3 months to re-do these discs. Other studios have previously replaced defective discs in as a little as 2 weeks and Universal’s arrogance speaks volumes.

Those wishing to exchange their discs should call Universal at 1 (888) 703-0010. Of course, you will have to send in the defective discs at your own expense for eventual replacement.

Our verdict still stands. Stay away from the Back To The Future Trilogy until Universal once again learns to appreciate their customers.

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