Toby Maguire talks Spider-man

Despite being one of the better DVDs of 2002, fans of the superhero hit Spider-Man were dissapointed
with the almost complete lack of input from the web slinger himself. Actor Toby Maguire who played your friendly neighborhood
Spider-Man was absent from the audio commentaries and behind-the-scenes featurettes. But Columbia TriStar is about to attone for
their sins on December 15th with a live streaming audio commentary available to owners of the disc with DVD-ROM and internet access.

Maguire and veteran actor JK Simmons who mugged J. Jonah Jameson will stream a live commentary at 8:00pm eastern standard time. Users are encourage to tune
in at 7:30 to kick off the event with a series fo other events including an introduction from JK Simmons, revealing of the DVD’s hidden Easter Eggs, previews for the DVD release of “XXX” and the summer theatrical release of “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, as well as an “Enter to Win” sweepstakes with prizes including a walk-on role in the Spider-Man sequel or a signed, framed piece of one of the original Spider-Man costumes.

To access the features on Sunday, just pop the DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and click the “Countdown to Spider-Man 2” option.

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