MTI visits Another Heaven

MTI Home Entertainment will be releasing another horror slasher from director George Iida. Another Heaven will make the way to DVD in February.

A gruesome murder is being investigated by a contingent of policemen. A man lies face down in his own home, and at first it appears as though the single cause of death is a broken neck. However, the police soon discover a horrific truth. The man’s brain has been removed…and is simmering in a kitchen pot. The clues at the crime scene are vague and make it impossible to create a profile of the killer. A series of murders follow, with the victims’ brain presented in the same manner. While the investigators continue to search for a malicious criminal, it slowly becomes apparent that a supernatural force may have been the single cause of this bizarre chain of deaths

The DVD will be widescreen, but will carry no special features to speak of. The disc will be released on February 18th with a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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