The First $20 Million

The First $20 Million (2002)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Adam Garcia, Rosario Dawson, Jake Busey

With ’The First $20 Million’ 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is serving up a hip comedy around today’s technology craze. While initially you may think it’s a film about a dot-com, it turns out the movie is a about a group of young and wacky engineers in a research lab.
Andy Caspar (Adam Garcia) leaves his job as a marketing executive to finally do something meaningful. He wants to join a renown research lab, but Benoit (Enrico Colantoni), the congenial head of the projects, isn’t too eager to have a ’suit’ with him, someone with a corporate education. He gives him a ludicrous project to prove himself, expecting him to fail, of course. The objective of the project, develop the world’s first laptop computer that can retail for $99!
Full of energy and enthusiasm, Caspar goes out to hire the most notoriously dysfunctional geniuses on the campus to help him. Will they come through and actually change the world?

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is presenting ’The First $20 Million’ on DVD in both an anamorphic widescreen transfer and a fullscreen presentation. The image is exceedingly clear and clean, entirely without flaws or speckles. The level of detail is very high throughout and colors are faithfully reproduced, never tainting the image. Blacks are deep and solid, adding to the natural look of the film and providing it with deep shadows. The compression has been handled very well and make ’The First $20 Million’ a flawless disc to watch.

The DVD provides audio in 5.1 channel Dolby Digital, as well as a Spanish track in Dolby Surround. Both are very good and have a natural sounding quality that is free of defects or shortcomings. Frequency response and dynamic range are wide, helping to create the natural sounding quality.

The disc does not contain any extras at all.

Based on a novel by Po Bronson and a screenplay by Jon Favreau, ’The First $20 Million’ is a refreshing breeze in the comedy genre. Not only do the fresh faces help, but also the story itself has an invigorating quality that viewers will hardly escape. I had a great time watching this wacky bunch of geniuses stumble and fumble their way through society and their project and I think you will like it, too.