Best Buy pulls out some extra Trek

Best Buy has struck up a deal with Paramount Home Entertainment to distribute a special 8th DVD to accompany the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season Six. The eighth DVD is available exclusively to customers of Best Buy.

The eighth DVD contains two new featurettes which match the tone and style of the rest of the set. “Select Historical Data: Season 6” includes conversations on the character of Gowron, the music design for holodeck episodes, sound design, sixth season special effects, and the evolution of the VISOR. “Inside the Starfleet Archives: Sets and Props” has an in-depth look inside the Star Trek Vaults with set decorator Jim Mees and others.

The sixth season set with the bonus DVD is available now. Best Buy also promises an exclusive eighth DVD to be included in the seventh season of the series due on New Year’s Eve.

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