This looks like a job for the Superfriends

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We loved them all as kids, even The Wonder Twins and their Space Monkey Gleek. Now Warner Brother Home Video has begun work on putting the classic cartoon series Superfriends on DVD for the first time.

Running sporadically from 1973-1985 under a plethora of titles, every child new the shows simply as the Superfriends, a cartoon that along with the Smurfs defined 1980’s Saturday morning viewing. Now that the success of its latter day cousin “Justice League” is doing well on the Cartoon Network, interest is renewed in the Super hero cadre.

As of yet, no features are known on the upcoming Superfriends disc, nor are the episode included revealed as of yet. But with the release of this title, and the new animated Batman video Secret of the Batwoman due next fall, it may be an indication that more animated superhero fare will be on the way soon.

On April 22nd, The Superfriends will fly again.

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