Kieslowski’s Color Trilogy makes a welcome U.S. arrival

Available for years in most other parts of the world, Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs trilogy, Bleu, Blanc and Rouge will finally make it to the states courtesy of Miramax Home Entertainment.

Three films, Blue, White and Red representing the French motto of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Each film stands on its own exploring these separate themes. Together they meld to form a greater appreciation of the society in which they exist. Blue tells the story of Julie who loses her husband, an acclaimed European composer and her young daughter in a car accident. White features Karol the Hairdresser who loves his wife to obsession, but cannot meet her expectations. Red begins when young Valentine runs over a dog and must obtain the aid of an old judge who quickly finds friendship with the girl.

All three titles will be available separately with features and specifications to be announced soon. The discs will be available on March 4th, 2003.

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