Joe and Max fight for DVD glory

Originally released on the Encore cable Network, the story of Boxing greats Detroit grown Joe Louis and German bred Max Schmeling came to life in Joe and Max. Now Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has commited to bringing the story to DVD.

Joe Louis an up-and coming prizefighter from Harlem,
York – flighting for his slice of American dream to become boxing’s
champion. Standing in his way is German champ Max Schmeling played by
Despite Schmeling’s liberal and pacifist views, he is heralded by the
Nazis as the perfect
specimen of the perfect race.
The world watched as their bouts took on epic proportions, but outside
of public
view, they forged a friendship that would transcend enemy lines.

Sadly this will be another featureless DVD from Columbia TriStar. The disc will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, but little else.

Arriving soon on January 14th the title match will ring in at $24.95.

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