DreamWorks puts on The Tuxedo

DreamWorks SKG brought together the unlikely pair of Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt for the action comedy The Tuxedo. The atypical Jackie Chan adventure is coming to DVD this spring.

Clark Devlin is one of the world’s top secret agents. But when he is hospitalized his chauffeur Jimmy Tong tries on his tuxedo and discovers the amazing powers it possesses. Now its up to Jimmy and his newfound partner Delilah Blaine to enter a world of international intrigue and espionage in order to save the world.

A new anamorphic widescreen transfer will grace the DVD as will audio in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. An audio commentary with director Kevin Donovan, the HBO featurette, deleted scenes including bloopers, interviews a theatrical trailer and two additional making-of featurettes will be included on the DVD.

With suggested retail price of $26.95, “The Tuxedo” will be available to own on February 25th.

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