Comdex predicts bright future for DVD

The annual International Computer Trade Show Comdex is in full swing again in Las Vegas. Despite a slagging economy, the computer industry is poised for many new advances in making the world easier. And DVD is riding the wave of new innovation.

Primary among DVD news is the advances made in economical DVD authoring, both for small business and the home consumer. The DVD+RW Alliance promised a reliable standard for home DVD authoring in the coming months to replace the disparate set of standards for capturing editing and burning now in place. Roxio, creator of the popular EZ-CD Creator software will launch the newest version of their software in early 2003 with full DVD Creation capabilities including on disc editing available with DVD+RW discs. A feature which will save plenty of hard drive space. All this is a mixed blessing as increased ease of use includes an increased potential for piracy and studio apprehension.

In less computer-centric circles Netflix, the leading DVD rental service made available information on plans to open several new distribution facilities in the near future. Phoenix, AZ and Hartford CT will be up and running within a month and many more cities will have overnight delivery available soon.

These and many other DVD products will join the rest of the computer industry in 2003 with the new framework of convenience and connectivity being the highest priority. Who knows what we’ll see on DVD by next year.

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