Columbia TriStar continues its television commitment

Several months ago saw a sudden slew of television series coming to DVD. Every studio seemed eager to jump on the bandwagon and throw out the first season of their current and classic lineups. Many were pleased to see their favorite programs hit DVD but were skeptical if this trend would result in continued commitment to each of the series, or just more first seasons. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is taking both routes and is ready to release the second seasons of both All in the Family and Sanford and Son as well as premiering the first season of the seventies comedy Good Times.

A step up in quantity from their predecessors, both All in the Family and Sanford and Son were significantly longer in their second seasons than their first. The 1971-72 season of All in the Family and the 1972-73 season of Sanford and Son will both contain a total of twenty-four episodes. Good Times Season One will contain all 13 episodes from its mid-season replacement 1974 season.

Each episode in all sets will be presented in its original presentation of fullscreen with audio in the original mono. Sadly, due to the shows being released long before DVD was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, the sets will contain no extras whatsoever.

Despite the difference in discs, all three sets will retail for $39.95 and be available on February 4th. Now if we could only get the second season of Twin
Peaks out there.

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