Young Indiana Jones and the DVD Adventure

Years ago, in an interview on the then faltering television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, creator George Lucas said he hoped to gain a new audience for the show by releasing it on some revolutionary new format called DVD which would offer a new level of interactivity unheard of before. He then went on to laud the then unknown format stating his excitement over releasing his films this way. Well obviously in the years that followed, that plan changed considerably. But at now at least the original part of his prophesy is coming true. In an interview with Scott Hettrick over at Video Business Magazine, Rick McCallum revealed that “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” will be coming to DVD, although possibly not for some time.

Years prior to Indy visiting the Temple of Doom, Henry Jones led an extraordinary life, both as a ten year old child traveling the world with his father and as a seventeen year old enlisting in WWI. Each episode of the series led Indy to new places and meeting historical landmarks who went on to shape the world. Sadly, the stories of the ten year old and seventeen year old Indy never seemed to relate to each other, nor to the Indy we know and love, but individually they were exciting stories.

It will be some time before any specific details are available on these discs, but producer Rick McCallum promises to be true to the original idea of these discs going beyond their original television presentation, by offering historical documentaries to accompany each episode offering insight into the history and people of the era. McCallum hopes this will be a way to help educate people on history. Other features will also be included, hopefully including the option to remove any footage of the frumpy elderly Jones who has been reduced from finding the Lost Ark of the Covenant to losing his chicken sandwich in a mailbox.

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