Rhino boxes MST3K

While a complete set of the long running series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 might be a ways off in the future, Rhino Home Entertainment is preparing a box set of some of the top fan requested episodes for release later this year.

Bloodlust: Robert Reed stars as John, who, visits an uncharted island with shipmates Pete, Betty, and Jeanie. While ashore, they’re captured by Bellow and his disturbed manservant, Jondor. Betty and Jeanie decide to look for an exit but end up at a secret room where Jondor is piling human body parts next to a boiling pot. Bellow then announces open season on Johnny and Pete, and starts hunting them down like wild animals.

Catalina Caper: A couple of happening guys take a trip to California for sun and fun and the chicks dig “em big time. One’s a real party boy and his friend Don falls for some babe named Katrina, but she’s got a buffed-out boyfriend. Anyway, this rich Greek named Lacropolis is all set up to buy a stolen scroll, but those darn kids mess everything up.

Creeping Terror: Local police discover a crashed UFO. Meanwhile the alien — a cross between a giant slug and wall-to-wall carpet — is eating couples in mid-bliss. It eats a woman hanging around and at one point jumps a convertible and nabs the driver. In the end, the frustrated deputy is seen beating on the spacecraft with the butt of his gun.

The Skydivers: Our hero, Harry, owns a skydiving facility. He’s messin” around with Suzie (who’s totally hooked on him) but her young lover Frankie (who used to be Harry’s plane mechanic) is ticked. If that’s not confusing enough, when Harry decides to dump Suzie and rekindle his romance with his wife Beth (who’s contemplating a move on Harry’s best bud, Joe), Suzie and Frankie devise a plan to knock off Harry. Whew!

Like all recent MST3K releases, the films will all come with the option to watch without the MST commentary. The original theatrical trailers for the films will also be included.

Coming as soon as November 12th, the four disc set will have a suggested retail price of $59.96.

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